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COVID-19 Reality

Please check the table below to see the delivery timing for your destination before you do an order

  • Be aware If you place an order that means you agree to wait for your order without the refund in case of delays. We can't guarantee any deadlines, the data below is what we know from our experience of past 15 months. Things are way better than in March-May, but timings still may vary in single cases. We are not in control of pandemia and international logistics. We design, cast, pack and ship the miniatures. Once they are out of our office, they are out of our control.
  • We don't ship to Mexico and South America now.
  • We can ship to Canada, Australia and New Zealand only if you agree to take the risks of delays and we will not be able to refund if the parcel gets lost due to the reasons that are out of our control (e.g. theft, loss, damage and other force majeures)
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